Some answers aren’t up for debate

How can I watch or attend a debate?

Check out the Podius News page to find a debate happening near you or view the schedule of national live-streamed events.

Is there a debate program at my school?

Podius-supported organizations such as the National Speech and Debate Association or your local Urban Debate League may already be active at your school – visit their websites or talk with your school administration to find out. If not, contact us to learn more about starting a program.

How can I bring a debate to my school and community?

There are multiple ways to get people together for a debate: organize a viewing party around a live-streamed debate happening elsewhere (you can find the Podius News page here), host a town hall debate in your community (go here to find out more about town hall debate), or work with your local middle or high school debate team to put together a debate night.

How long does the process of securing
funding through Podius take?

The process can vary depending on your application and the amount requested. If you have questions regarding your specific application, email