Like any good debate,
research is key

The best way to learn more about debate and its many forms is to see a debate in person. Check out the Podius News page for a schedule of upcoming events to find the next debate close to you. And if you can’t make it to a debate as an audience member, many organizations offer you the chance to watch a debate from home.

Hot Topics

Debate covers a variety of topics, from heavy world issues to local community concerns to philosophical arguments. If you’re looking for the next topic to debate with your organization, or just want to research both sides of a topic on your own, check out this list of recent debate topics from organizations across the country.

  • Civil disobedience in a democracy is morally justified.
  • The “right to be forgotten” from Internet searches ought to be a civil right.
  • A free market is the most effective poverty-fighting program.
  • The United States federal government should substantially increase its non-military exploration and/or development of the Earth’s oceans.
  • Income inequality impairs the American dream of upward mobility.

Debate Organizations

Podius partners with many leading debate organizations across the country. We are more than happy to connect you to groups that can assist you in bringing a debate to your campus or town. You can check out a few of our partner sites below.