Excitement for the whole zip code

Public debate doesn’t always need to take place on a national stage, and smaller community issues can be as significant as those at the highest level of public policy. Podius sponsors debates at the local level – what we call town hall debate – so communities can come together and discuss the particular topics that matter to them in a civic format.

The talk of the town

In a town hall debate, the local community gathers to hear a debate on an issue of particular relevance to their districts, neighborhoods, and families. Our vision is to bring interested citizens (including younger members of the community, such as students) together to listen to debates between two or more qualified speakers on a range of topics and policy issues relevant to your particular community and American life. Ideally, these events provide a useful local venue for opposing viewpoints to debate and allow the community to participate via a question-and-answer session.

Get Podius involved in your community

Maybe you’d like to bring in a few experts to inform your local community through a public debate, or maybe you just want to host a discussion between opposing members of your city council. Podius provides small grants to get the debate started in your hometown. If you’re not a public charity, you will need to find a local 501 (c) 3 to sponsor your town hall debate – once you’ve reached out to a potential partner, apply here to start the process of bringing a debate to your neighborhood.

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