Provoking thought
on a quad near you

Podius supports public debates on college campuses across the country, so that interested students can hear both sides of a contested issue. These debates aren’t part of the competitive debate experience that students can participate in throughout the year – instead, our public collegiate debates bring leading intellectuals to a campus to make their cases to a student audience.

Intellectual diversity is always important, but it’s especially significant in the context of a student’s education. We believe that every student should have access to the best ideas on both ends of the political and philosophical spectrums – not only does this help the individual development of the student, but this clash of ideas also contributes to the Podius vision of a thoughtful civil society by educating the voters and leaders of tomorrow.

Bring a debate to your school

National organizations interested in applying for funding can do so through Podius. If you’re a student or professor who wants to increase public debate on your campus, you have a few options. You can check the Podius News page for a list of upcoming campus debates and connect with one of the campuses already hosting a debate – if they’re live-streaming their event, hosting a viewing party and getting your campus to chime in via social media is a great first step. If you want to bring the actual debate to your campus, find a co-sponsor and apply here.

In the past, Podius has funded campus debates by partnering with national organizations and their on-campus student chapters to host debate series. We’d like to see even more partnerships between groups that disagree with one another, and are also looking to fund co-sponsored, one-off debates that fit with the Podius model of two diverse participants (or teams) facilitated by an impartial moderator.

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