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In college, students are challenged by new perspectives, wrestle with new concepts, and develop new abilities to approach a topic with thoughtfulness and nuance. These skills lend themselves perfectly to competitive collegiate debate. Debaters are well-prepared for any life path that requires great communication and analytical skills – your average debater not only knows what’s going on in the world, but has given it some thought and can comfortably talk about it. And as collegiate debate students gain the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills, they also gain access to an exciting community of like-minded teammates, opponents, and friends.

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Podius funds collegiate debate competition at the national level through Pi Kappa Delta, the national honor society for speech and debate. If you are a student interested in joining a debate team, chances are good that your college or university has a competitive program for you. If you’d like to establish a Pi Kappa Delta chapter on your campus, check with your speech or communications department and connect with the national organization here.

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Podius also sponsors collegiate debate tournaments in an audience-friendly debate format, such as James Madison University’s Madison Cup. If you are a collegiate debate coach or speech professor interested in learning more about hosting a tournament and/or applying for tournament support, contact us and we’ll talk about your idea.

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