In a world of soundbites, talking heads, character limits, internet trolls, short attention spans and uninformed opinions, there is still room for an American institution that advances dialogue, reveres research and inspires respectful opposition. That's debate. And this is Podius.

Podius believes in democracy, freedom and a bunch of other American ideals etched in the facades of our country's great monuments. It also believes we can become greater through the articulation of beliefs in an environment free from the fear of mockery or suppression by those who disagree.

We focus all of our energy on finding and supporting organizations at every level who make debate a priority. Because there will always be a competition for the hearts and minds of the people, and the winners are those who approach the microphone with knowledge, dignity and appreciation for the power of what they're about to say.

Podius exists to help Americans preserve and strengthen their democratic institutions by championing intelligent and thoughtful civic discourse. How do you want to get involved?